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Because sea levels submerged the area about 14, years ago, the weathering suggests that the tool was made at least that long ago, and that people may have been living on the Atlantic Coast at that time Credit: Dennis Stanford A 22, year-old mastodon skull and tool dredged from the seafloor in the Chesapeake Bay hints of early settlers in North America. The two relics, which were pulled up together, may come from a place that hasn’t been dry land since 14, years ago. If so, the combination of the finds may suggest that people lived in North America, and possibly butchered the mastodon, thousands of years before people from the Clovis culture, who are widely thought to be the first settlers of North America and the ancestors of all living Native Americans.

But that hypothesis is controversial, with one expert saying the finds are too far removed from their original setting to draw any conclusions from them.

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Oyster pirates illegally dredging under the cover of night. He and a young man named Frank had snuck onto the waters of the Chesapeake Bay to harvest oysters. As they hauled their load aboard the boat, shots rang and bullets peppered the vessel. Thompson revved his watercraft into action, racing forward in an attempt to outrun the police, who were rapidly approaching, their gunfire shattering his windows.

But his boat, chock-full of oysters, was too heavy for a hasty getaway. He ordered Frank to start dumping the mollusks back into the bay to lighten the load, desperate to escape the ambush. Though a bullet did shoot the shovel Frank was using right out of his hand, the two men managed to survive unharmed. Beneath the dark cloak of the night sky, hidden behind veils of mist and clouds, the pirates plundered the bay as part of a loosely united ramshackle crew, known as the Mosquito Fleet for their small, swift boats.

Their treasure came in a shell rather than a chest, its value found within the slimy meat shuttered inside. The shellfish thieves were illegally pilfering a valuable natural resource. The once-abundant oysters of the Chesapeake Bay were highly sought after for their briny meat.

Chesapeake Bay pollution extends to early 19th century

The Native Americans living there, in modern-day Virginia Beach, were known as the Chesapeake tribe The planned destination for the colony was the Chesapeake Bay, but ship captains dropped them off at Roanoke Island. However, Powhatan expanded his territory and eliminated the entire Chesapeake community about the time Jamestown was settled. His seizure of the territory may have resulted in the death of any colonists still alive from the settlement, and of any children of those colonists.

The English who arrived starting in inquired about the fate of the colonists who had been “lost” for 20 years, but never identified any survivors.

The Chesapeake Bay abounds in history and culture. From the vibrant harbor of Baltimore, travel to Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Jamestown, known as the “Historic Triangle.” Cambridge is an authentic Chesapeake town known for its rich history, beautiful buildings, and vibrant arts scene. with houses dating back to the late s.

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Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad

The current shape of the bay is less that 10, years old – so Native Americans arrived in in Virginia in time to witness the conversion of multiple freshwater river channels into the brackish estuary of the modern Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay bathymetry Source: The Coastal Plain east of I was created over the last million years by erosion from the Appalachian Mountains and by deposition of sediments at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The sediments on the Coastal Plain include sharks teeth and whale fossils, documenting the different times when sea levels were higher and the Virginia shoreline located further west.

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Our data hub offers access to a multitude of monitoring and modeling data, past and present. Bay Program databases can be queried based upon user-defined inputs such as geographic region and date range. Each query results in a downloadable, tab- or comma-delimited text file that can be imported to any program e. Comments regarding the interface are encouraged.

Questions in reference to the data should be addressed to the contact provided on subsequent pages. To insure data accuracy, the Bay Program maintains a Quality Assurance Program that monitors and tracks several environmental data sets that look at pollutants, water quality, land use, algae, fish, crabs and submerged aquatic vegetation. Environmental models are essential for simulating ecosystems that are either too large or too complex to isolate for experiments in the real world.

These simulations, called scenarios, allow scientists to predict positive or negative changes within our ecosystem due to management actions such as improved sewage treatment, controlling urban sprawl, or reduced fertilizer or manure application on agricultural lands. Monitoring the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries allows Bay Program partners to detect changes that take place; improves our understanding of the natural environment; and reveals trends over time that can provide valuable information to policy makers.

The Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Program, which began in , is a Bay-wide cooperative effort involving Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, the District of Columbia, several federal agencies, 10 institutions and over 30 scientists. The RLA uses GIS models and expert knowledge to assess the value of resource lands within the watershed, providing guidance to state and local government in land protection strategy development, serving as an information resource for the land trust community, suggesting conservation focus areas to complement watershed restoration plans, and identifying areas important to maintain for the forest products industry.

Chesapeake Bay Quality Assurance Program:

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It is the largest metropolitan area in the state in terms of population, and offers an interesting mix of urban, suburban, waterfront and inland environments. The cities of Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth are to the south of the waterway, with the large and rapidly growing Virginia Beach located a few miles to the east along the Atlantic Shore. Hampton and Newport News lie to the north across a long bridge-tunnel connection.

The natural harbor makes for one of the best ports on the East Coast, and shipping and shipbuilding activity are paramount, along with fishing and seaport-related commerce. Read More about Chesapeake Additionally the area has a substantial Navy and Marine presence and a sizeable portion of the economy is connected to these activities.

Virginia Beach has grown rapidly and is an interesting mix of touristy beachfront and modern commercial and family residential areas, with the large Oceana Naval Air Station thrown into the mix for good measure. Farther north on the James Peninsula lies the excellent historic and upscale residential and commercial area of Williamsburg, perhaps the top choice among all parts of the area.

The greater area has an assortment of museums particularly related to its maritime history, as well as a good set of performing arts activities. For an area this size, there are relatively few sports teams and no major-league teams, a complaint among some locals and particularly those who have migrated from larger East Coast cities. Other downsides include areas of overdone growth, traffic problems especially at bridges and tunnels and along heavily traveled Virginia Beach corridors, and often-unattractive naval and port areas and gritty neighborhoods nearby.

Cost of living is moderate for an East Coast area of this size, but has been on the rise as the area becomes a more popular destination. The marine climate is pleasant and there is plenty to do. The city of Norfolk is almost surrounded by water, with the Chesapeake Bay immediately to the north, Hampton Roads and the James River to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean 18 miles east. Numerous rivers and waterways traverse the area.