The Walkaway Wife Syndrome

It is normal to grieve for your children when they leave your home — you raised them for 18 years. It is OK to be sad, it is even OK to cry, but it is important that you do not allow your emotions to cloud the opportunities you have all because of your empty nest. The key to coping with empty nest syndrome is to concentrate on embracing new experiences, meeting new people and focusing on what makes you happy. If you are wondering how to cope with empty nest syndrome — you have come to the right place. A mental health professional will be able to teach you healthy, positive and productive ways to cope with empty nest syndrome. Listed below are effective ways to cope with empty nest syndrome: You have been a parent for so long that you may have forgotten what it is like to think about your own happiness. Now that your children are grown, you have plenty of time to rediscover what you like and dislike. For instance, if you always wanted to take a pole dancing class, but was too busy or focused on your children to sign up — here is your chance!

Single Parents and Empty Nest Syndrome

Donate Subscribe Three Pitfalls to Avoid in an Empty Nest Marriage When your kids leave the home, you are forced to consider your marriage relationship in a new light. Raising their kids had been tough. Now the last one was leaving, and they felt they had done the best they could. Finally, they were about to be free from the daily stresses of parenting.

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Watching your kids grow up and leave home can be an exciting time. Many couples eagerly await the day when their kids are ready to strike out on their own. Empty Nest Syndrome can be difficult to combat, but by choosing to attack it by being conscious of the way that you are feeling, you can take some positive steps to overcome it and reclaim the life that you surrendered when your kids were born.

If you recognize the fact that you may be suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome, then you need to decide that you are going to attack the feeling head on. The root of the Empty Nest Syndrome is found in the fact that you used to be busy taking your kids to sports practices, helping them with homework, watching out for their friends, cleaning up after them and helping them prepare for their future. Instead of waiting for opportunities to fall in your lap, do some exploring to fight back against Empty Nest Syndrome.

Think about things that interest you and pursue them. Here are three practical steps that you can take in an effort to be proactive and fight back against Empty Nest Syndrome. The attention and energy that used to be reserved for each other has been poured almost exclusively into children for the last 18 years — and sometimes longer.

One great way to find some fulfillment in the midst of Empty Nest Syndrome is to rediscover some of those things that you may have buried a long time ago. As you begin to re-discover your partner, you may be surprised to find that, though you got along with each other, you had really just been roommates for the past few years. Having kids that are plowing through adolescence can put many families into survival mode. If you found the raising kids was hard on your marriage and resulted in some negative feelings, now is the time to get those resolved.

9 Signs Your Wife is Having a Midlife Crisis

Empty nest syndrome is a psychological condition that affects parents, usually the mothers, when their children leave home. Empty nest syndrome is usually common in autumn, when a large number of students go to college and universities. One main reason why mothers are always associated with empty nest syndrome is due to the menopausal stage most women experience.

And based on this, empty nest syndrome has more impact on stay-at-home moms compared to working moms; working moms have more chances to vent to others what they really feel and somehow feel comfort at the end of the day. Symptoms Depression This is the most common symptom seen in people who are experiencing empty nest syndrome. Afflicted individuals show excessive crying, withdrawn from normal, routine activities and duties, from friends, decreased energy and lack of interest, difficulty sleeping, and persistent sad mood.

Many parents experience empty nest syndrome when their child moves out of the house for the first time. While parents who are part of a couple may see this as an opportunity to rekindle the flame within their relationship, single parents may have a more difficult transition ahead.

Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window When their three children were young, Lisa and Roger dreamed about what it would be like when their kids left home. Their marriage was suffering from empty nest syndrome. Lisa and Roger worked hard to put their kids through college. As a labor and delivery nurse, Lisa took extra shifts. She also became an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. As a general contractor, Roger took every home remodeling job he could. Outside of work, shuttling the kids to various activities sent Lisa and Roger in different directions.

When they did have time together, they talked about the kids. Sex was infrequent and for Lisa it was unsatisfying.

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July 9, An empty nest can actually improve your relationship Each year couples across the country experience intense, irreversible heartbreak. In the s, psychologists clinically identified and popularized the term ” empty-nest syndrome ” to refer to the depression, anxiety and loneliness that can overcome parents when children leave home to begin their adult lives. And certainly their pain is understandable.

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By Rachel Hanson Is your teen’s room suddenly empty? Empty nest syndrome is a common occurrence, but everyone experiences different degrees of it. While virtually every person who has family members leave the home experiences sadness, for some, this feeling can develop into severe unhappiness. Handling this sometimes requires professional help. There are also preventative measures that those who anticipate an empty nest can take in order to reduce the likelihood of the departure of children developing into a severe depression.

Empty Nest Syndrome Described as a period in which depression, sadness, and grief occur, many parents experience empty nest syndrome when their children leave for college. While the home was once a bustling center of activity, with phones ringing, the television blaring, and someone raiding the refrigerator every 20 minutes, the house is now disturbingly quiet. This sudden stillness can leave parents wanting the hustle and bustle back.

This desire for the house not to be hollow leads to empty nesters developing negative feelings and deep sadness. Causes of the Syndrome While the most common cause for parents becoming empty nesters is that the kids have gone away to college, there are other causes: Children moving out at the age of 18 Children leaving for a year abroad during high school Children choosing, or otherwise going to, a private, residential school Children of separated parents choosing to go live with the parent with whom they were not living Adult children who lived at home getting married, or otherwise moving out on their own The death of a child, which brings many additional psychological traumas with it, requires counseling in all instances.

Empty Nest Single Parent

Symptoms and effects[ edit ] A bird’s nest, designed to hold eggs until they hatch. All parents are susceptible to empty nest syndrome, although some factors can create a predisposition to it. Such factors include an unstable or unsatisfactory marriage , a sense of self based primarily on identity as a parent, or difficulty accepting change in general. Full-time parents stay-at-home mothers or fathers may be especially vulnerable to empty nest syndrome.

Adults who are also dealing with other stressful life events such as menopause , the death of a spouse, moving away or retirement are also more likely to experience the syndrome.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Vil – 25 Aug ’16 Marriage Share this article! But everything is perfect for us and our relationship. And every time, we hear of another failed marriage, it leads us to dialogue about our own marriage. We bring the focus and conversation to our own marriage to figure out how we always stay far away from that narrative. And now these three remain: But the greatest of these is love 1 Corinthians It just means you choose to not to return hurt with more hurt.

Choose Respect Respect proves that above all: But no matter what, we choose faith. We choose faith in our relationship, in our marriag and in our relationship with God. Choose Happiness Contrary to popular belief, you are in control of your happiness. Choose to exude happiness, to surround yourself with happiness and to give happiness.

Treatments and Services

Overcoming Loneliness 1 Connect with other empty-nesters. Spending time with other parents who have just emptied their nest can be comforting for you during this time, especially if the others are single parents as well. You want to grab a coffee together on Friday? You might also search for parenting groups or Meetups in your area for parents with adult children.

In these groups, you can bond with others who are going through similar experiences.

Are you an empty nest single mom? Rather than pining for the kids to come home, make this a time of discovery and positive changes for yourself too. Can single moms survive empty nest syndrome? Take a dive back into dating. Kids are a great excuse for hiding from the dating scene. And no doubt, it can be a little scary to put yourself.

I think your wife might be going through a midlife crisis. Here are some reasons why If it feels like your wife is determined to push away from the marriage If she’s decided that there’s NO WAY the marriage can make her happy, she may be going through a midlife crisis. The problem is without knowing exactly what to look for, a midlife crisis can be very difficult to spot.

This post is Part 1 of a two-part series about midlife crisis in marriage. You’ll also get a downloadable PDF workbook including a midlife crisis quiz? Many times the conversation will go something like this and this is the nice version:

How to Deal with the Empty Nest Syndrome