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He also appears in the biopic Jackie, about the widow of John F Kennedy, which is currently in cinemas. The TV icon had a long battle with diabetes. Gorden Kaye ‘Allo ‘Allo! The actor – who is best known for his role as Rene Artois, pictured above, in the British TV comedy – left behind an impressive legacy and career. He appeared in all 84 episodes of the show for a decade until , and reprised the role 1, times in the stage adaptation. More recently, he appeared in NCIS: Ferrer was also a voice actor in a slew of animated shows and films such as Adventure Time and a number of DC Comics superhero features. A family statement said:

Which SHINee member’s ideal girl are you

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April 3 – June 6, Runtime: He has a cold-blooded decisiveness and incredible drive. This helped him to attain his current status, as he started with nothing. Her personality reminds him of himself when he was that age. Han Tae-Sang begins to feel love for the first time in his life. Tae-Sang works for a powerful loan shark Lee Sung-Min. One day, he goes with his men to a small bookstore in a poor area to collect on a debt.

They enter the bookstore and threaten the bookstore owner Kang Shin-Il. Around this time, the bookstore owner’s daughter Mi-Do Shin Se-Kyung goes to the public welfare office to get free rice. A TV reporter is there and asks Mi-Do for an interview. Mi-Do becomes extremely embarrassed and hides her face with the rice bag.

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It’s advised to run the other way, when you see Kara’s megane glint. I have waited for the day I would have a plausible reason to write about K-pop here on Metanorn, and thanks to the Hallyu wave in Japan, that time, dear readers, has finally come. Over the years, other Korean artists came over and made somewhat of a big splash on the scene Big Bang and F.

Yapılmış en güzel Kore yapımlarından, fevkalade başarılı, çevirisini dört gözle bekliyordum, şimdi huzurla bu güzel diziyi ieyebilecegim, emeği geçen tüm yureklere tüm kalbimle teşekkür ediyorum.

Born on December 9, Got a brother Guy. Position as a rapper in SHINee. Got a Favorit of Korean type faces. His father was a football coach in Iran. Unfortunately his father did not allow them to be a football player on the grounds that world football is very tiring. Unlike other members, Minho found on the streets then ditawarin casting.

Because of the cool smile, finally received training on Minho at SMEnt. Which gives the Yoogeun barang2 play basketball. Like very same comic Slam Dunk. Same type of ignorant money, health, oder performance problems.

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Jinri is always ready to fight heteronormativity and flirt with cute girls. Minho is always ready to let Jinri fight heteronormativity while he hides behind her and blushes any time a cute boy looks his way. See the end of the work for notes. As soon as the bell rang, Jinri jumped out of her seat and walked quickly out of class.

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The Cutest Couple (We’re Not Dating!)

He responded that he is happy getting new works after failed auditions in the past and being able to play new roles in the future. He revealed how his journey as an actor has had made him ponder on his anxieties about types of role he can fit in and how he can show different and fresh images in the future. I do not know if you feel that way, I do my best for what is given to me. He remarked how he studied his character to make a convincing depiction based on how it was creatively imagined in the web comic.


Shinee SHY-nee ; Korean: The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin. Originally consisting of five members, they became a quartet following the death of Jonghyun on December 18, The group gained attention for starting a fashion trend amongst students, which the media dubbed the “Shinee Trend”. Shinee further consolidated their popularity on the South Korean music scene with follow-up singles “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”.

In the group released Sherlock, which became the fifth most sold album of the year with over , copies sold. The group has also been included in the Forbes list of Korea Power Celebrity multiple times, once in and again in Their Japanese version of their single “Replay” sold over , copies, the highest number of sales for a Japanese debut single recorded by Oricon for a South Korean group at the time.

Shinee are considered as one of the best live vocalists in K-pop and are known for their highly synchronized and complex dance routines and were awarded the Best Dance Performance Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards three times in a row for their dance performances to “Sherlock”, “Dream Girl” and “View”.

Korean group SHINee returns with new single ‘Good Evening’

It’s advised to run the other way, when you see Kara’s megane glint. Now, this past December was the first time I had ever immersed myself into checking out music award show results for K-pop. I ended up seriously disappointed in some of the winners that were chosen specifically for the MAMA awards! Life and laziness, however, likes to kick me in the ass and by the time I had adequate time and feelings to write it, it was too late to post any such thing.

Pentagon Members Profile: Pentagon Facts Pentagon (펜타곤) currently consists of 10 members: Hui, Jinho, Hongseok, E’Dawn, Shinwon, Yanan, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino, and on was created through the Mnet survival show called Pentagon band debuted on October 10, , under CUBE Entertainment.

The members created their own humorous amateur music video for the song, featuring fellow Korean pop singers including members of Girls’ Generation and Kara. The mini-album went on to sell 40, copies, [10] an unusual feat for a Korean rookie group, with the album’s original print run of 20, copies selling out in its first month.

Beast released their second mini-album Shock of the New Era in March with the lead single “Shock. Omarion had earlier invited Beast to perform with him after viewing a YouTube clip of the group delivering a dance performance of his single ” Ice Box “. Clenching a Tight Fist as a single from their third mini-album, Mastermind. The song gained anticipation and attention from the public for the excellent vocal ability they displayed.

The song was noted for its original sound and distinctive choreography. It garnered interest from fans as well as overseas promoters and media for the style and concept of the upcoming music videos. It debuted at number 13 on the Oricon weekly album charts.


I do not own Lee Jinki maybe in the future, rofl. All the other stuffs in this fic are mine unless otherwise stated. Please do not plagarise, post as your own in other words, stealing , or redistribute. I didn’t notice that it was already time for class. I got lost in the great WW II and the various accounts of the survivors.

Dating seems to be your favorite subject!

The event especially gained more attention as it is Han Hyo Joo and Kang Dong Won’s first public appearance together following their dating sides responded in denial, however, many.

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JB can be very protective but in a good way. He’s sweet and caring yet charismatic. He will melt your hurt with his masculine personality and also make you the happiest wife with sweet serenades. You will also captivate JB with your overflowing cute charms.

Kim Jung-ah (Korean: 김정아; born on August 2, ), known professionally as Jung Ah or Jung A, is a South Korean was a member of Kiss Five and the former leader of After , Pledis Entertainment announced that her contract had expired and .

And this week the even higher stresses in the country’s lucrative showbiz industry took their toll on a K-pop superstar. Kim Jong-Hyun, a year-old lead singer of the hugely popular boy band SHINee, took his own life in a Seoul hotel room on Monday, with his death sending shockwaves through fans around the world. Five-member SHINee were at the forefront of the “Korean Wave” that has seen South Korean pop culture sweep Asia by storm in the past decade and lap at shores even further afield.

The band has found fame and fortune with multiple chart-topping albums and sold-out concerts at home and abroad since their debut in But a grittier reality lies beneath the glitz and glamour of the K-pop scene — cutthroat competition, a lack of privacy, online bullying and relentless public pressure to maintain a wholesome image at all times and at any cost.

Many stars like Kim are picked up by agencies at a young age, usually in their early or mid teens, their lives then taken over by gruelling singing and dancing training, with the ever-present risk of falling foul of a cut-throat screening process. Holidays are rare and privacy an unaffordable luxury as many live with other band mates in dorm-like apartments provided by their agents, who dictate everything from music styles and diet regimen to mobile phone use — and normally impose dating bans.

Many struggle with a constant lack of sleep and privacy. Kim Se-Jeong, a popular K-pop singer, confessed of once sleeping a total of one hour for four days.

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You and shinee member are on you 3rd date. It’s right after dinner and he’s walking you home. You’re at the door. It’s a bit awkward but you know he wants to kiss you so you close your eyes and lean in.

Comunidad orientada a la traducción de subtítulos de Cine Asiático, Anime y Series Asiáticas (Doramas), además de cultura y música del lejano oriente.

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Он четко и без излишней драматизации изложил свою историю.

Для их ушей она была достаточно странной, невероятной и не нуждалась в приукрашивании. Лишь однажды Элвин погрешил против истины, утаив, каким образом он бежал из Лиса. Казалось весьма правдоподобным, что ему вновь потребуется прибегнуть к этому методу.

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