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History[ edit ] Evidence of habitation by Wiradjuri Nation, Indigenous Australians dates back over 40, years. The explorer and surveyor John Oxley — , born, Yorkshire , England was the first European to report on the area now known as Dubbo in There are records of squatters being given permission to set up large sheep and cattle stations in the area in but these were not maintained. With the passing of the Squatting Act in he took out a licence on the property. Dubbo is now thought to be a mispronunciation of the local Wiradjuri word “Thubbo” but because of a lack of precise records from Dulhunty at the time and an incomplete knowledge of the Wiradjuri language today there is some conjecture over the word’s meaning. A popular current theory is the word means “red earth”, consistent with the local landscape. It is also possible that Thubbo or Tubbo is Wiradjuri for “head covering” [12] — a theory put forward to support this name is that the shape of Dulhunty’s house may have looked like a hat to the local people. The building is one of the oldest homesteads still standing in western NSW and today is open to visitors.

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Background information Background information compiled from: In a typical urban setting, every time someone flushes a toilet, rinses a plate, takes a shower or washes their clothes, the wastewater goes through a private sewerage pipe to a sewerage main. All wastewater from inside premises should enter the sewerage system to be transported to a sewage treatment plant where it is treated before being discharged into a local waterway or the ocean.

When it rains, the run-off from roofs, streets, gardens and other outdoor areas flows to a separate pipe – the stormwater system. Stormwater flows directly to local waterways and is untreated. This leads to increased water run-off during rainfall.

 · ACADEMIC and SCHOOL A review of the Higher School ertificate results for indicates that generally the school performed well. We had 9 students achieve and 6 results in Industrial Technology, Maths, Senior Science, iology, Primary Industries and

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Bunkers The slouch hat: Introduced into Australian military service in the second half of the 19th century, the hat was suited to the local climate and the rigours of military use. In later years it was hoisted on mastheads by victorious troops in place of a flag. From that time the simple felt hat, with its side turned up, was an emblem of the courage of the Australian digger, and it became a national symbol.

Although commonly believed to be uniquely Australian, similar styles of hat were adopted by many other countries, including New Zealand, United States, India and even Germany. The khaki hat first became part of an Australian military uniform in , when it was chosen for the newly-formed Victorian Mounted Rifles by the commanding officer, Colonel Tom Price.

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A lot of my information including the photograph comes from the book. However, he was not so easily dismissed, having won a place at the Raffles Institution, which was, and still is, the premier government secondary school in Singapore. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree at the University, and the reply to the telegram to his father on graduation was not one of congratulations, but rather relief at being relieved of the financial burden!

Despite being born in Malaya, Bing was disqualified from obtaining a passport on the basis that he had not lived continuously in Malaya for five years or more. Bing worked at C. At one stage during his own business exploits, Bing was the largest importer of natural rubber to Australia. He retired to Tamworth in where he bought a acre farm at Mulla Creek so he would have somewhere for his kids to run around, and he could grow some daffodils.

Bing plays golf on a regular basis, and is the only player who can swear continuously for 5 minutes in a foreign language without repeating himself! Bing is a delightful character and a great playing partner. Pete Thanks again Bing.

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Tamworth and surrounding areas for trout. Rob I will be fishing at Ebor on the Long weekend sometime. Fisheries stock around 12 creeks and rivers in the area with rainbows and browns, so size varies As far as Tamworth is concerned, old mate wasn’t far off with Dungowan Dam, access can be a problem as they don’t like you fishing near it to much. Indise the dam is alive but not sure about the run out side.

Nundle area fishes well, even the peel down below the Pub. Bowling ally point has a creek that runs into the peel, wonder up it for a while, but watch out for the joe blakes.

Adults only in Tamworth Bar or club house in Tamworth Campfires allowed in Tamworth Dogs allowed in Tamworth Electric hook-up in Tamworth Family friendly in Tamworth Indoor swimming pool in Tamworth Outdoor swimming pool in Tamworth Play area in Tamworth Shower available in Tamworth Toilet block in Tamworth /England/Central/Staffordshire/Tamworth.

Transport for NSW manages public transport. For enquiries and feedback, get in touch with Transport for NSW directly. This iframe contains the Transport Info trip planner. If you wish to use the Trip Planner, please visit the Transport Info website. Getting around town Sydney’s public transport system features a comprehensive network of train, bus and ferry services. Light rail lines, airport links, sightseeing buses and taxi services complement the network.

Opal card You can get a free smartcard ticket to load funds for use on trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Transport Info The NSW government’s Transport Info site can help you plan your trip, even if it involves changing modes of public transport. Use the site to calculate the best way to get from A to B when travelling to or around the City of Sydney.

They are easy to travel between or to hook up with services going to the northern, southern and western suburbs. Services run from 4am to around midnight on most train lines.

3. Stormwater and sewage

This 70km route through the towns and villages of the Southern Highlands might take a little longer to travel than the freeway that runs alongside it, but it is a far better way to spend time on your bike. First you pass through the small village of Exeter, then the road starts to open up around Bundanoon. This is an interesting little town that is central to the area and gives its name to the Highland Way, hosting an annual get-together for all things Scottish.

From here the speed limit rises as you pass through some picturesque country and a few sections of great sweeping bends that wind through the forest areas around Penrose and Tallong. You ride under, over, and alongside the southern railway at various points along this route before you pass under an old stone railway bridge that marks the last section of the Highland Way, before it rejoins the Hume Highway near Marulan.

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Deceased was a wholesale drug dealer, described as being a mid-range distributor of heroin. Appellant was the principal in this retail operation. Deceased was shot 3 times during this meeting. Whether trial miscarried – whether verdict unreasonable – rulings – directions – common enterprise – witness evidence – self-defence – provocation – motive. Whether sentence excessive – whether sufficient weight given to appellant’s youth – parity.

As a result of the impact, GBH was caused to the female passenger sitting in the front seat. The accused was committed for trial to the DC on an indictment containing a single count under s. Having granted leave to amend the indictment, the DC judge then ordered that there be separate trials of the 2 counts. Whether leave to amend indictment should have been granted – if so, whether separate trials should have been ordered.

Leave to appeal against order granting leave to the Crown to amend the indictment granted but appeal refused. Crown appeal against order for separate trials allowed:

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History[ edit ] Evidence of habitation by Wiradjuri Nation, Indigenous Australians dates back over 40, years. The explorer and surveyor John Oxley — , born, Yorkshire , England was the first European to report on the area now known as Dubbo in There are records of squatters being given permission to set up large sheep and cattle stations in the area in but these were not maintained. With the passing of the Squatting Act in he took out a licence on the property.

Dubbo is now thought to be a mispronunciation of the local Wiradjuri word “Thubbo” but because of a lack of precise records from Dulhunty at the time and an incomplete knowledge of the Wiradjuri language today there is some conjecture over the word’s meaning. A popular current theory is the word means “red earth”, consistent with the local landscape.

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Welcome to C3 Tamworth! We are a church that is passionate about connecting people to God so that you are empowered to live “YOUR BEST LIFE”. If you are looking for a spirituality that is fresh, real and life-changing then this church could be for you.

James Reece — 8 February — Hanged for bestiality with a sow. Reece tried to cut his own throat on the morning of his execution. John Hardy — 2 June — Hanged for vagrancy and theft. James Lovell — 22 February — Hanged for forging and uttering. Holland had assaulted the occupant of the home, described as a “feeble old man”. Dennis Kaneen — 27 November — Hanged for breaking into the house of James Hogsen and stealing six bushels of maize, some meat, sugar and a copper coin amounting to nine shillings and three pence.

William Poxam — 4 April — Hanged for sheep stealing. John Hughes — 4 April — Hanged for entering the house of Edward Redmond and stealing a chest containing cash, bills and other property. Hugh Dowling — 28 September — Hanged for armed burglary of the house of William Styles at Nepean and stealing cash and clothing.


Tamworth population 56, in c. The city additionally is known as the “City of Lights”, being the first place in the Southern Hemisphere to utilise electric street lights. Tamworth itself is a well developed and confident regional centre. It has a great location by the side of the Peel River, that has playgrounds, coffee shops and parks. Peel Street itself is the main shopping strip, running parallel to the river.

November ABC News Online, 30th September Summary published: 5th November Complaint: A complainant raised accuracy concerns with an article ‘China’s super trawlers are stripping the ocean bare as its hunger for seafood grows’.

The couple had been married for nearly 30 years. Police are not seeking any other persons of interest and a firearm was located in the home. My parents worked really hard to make sure we had the best lives,’ Lisa Abberfield pictured , the couple’s daughter, said Mr Abberfield was reportedly a registered gun owner. Friends mourned their losses on Facebook as news of the tragedy spread. We will never understand,’ one friend wrote. You attended practically every theatrical production ever presented and proudly bought your season tickets every year.

You were an avid music lover and wonderful fan of the local music industry.

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