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Schwartz and Fedak vs. Nearly comments – some of them thoughtful, some of them furious, some of them bizarre – later, all I can say is After the jump, some thoughts on the controversy and then a long conversation with “Chuck” co-creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak about their reaction to the reaction So, if you missed it, “Chuck vs. Some fans liked the episode and had no problems with the current configuration of the love trapezoid. Some, though, were outraged at this latest roadblock in the inevitable Chuck and Sarah pairing, and weren’t shy about saying that Schwartz and Fedak had ruined the relationship – if not the series itself – with one going so far as to suggest that all fans boycott watching the show on TV until the ratings get so low that NBC would have to force Schwartz and Fedak to reconfigure the show more to their liking. Not only is this futile, since, as Schwartz says below, they’re already well into writing the season’s last episode, but all it would do would be to get the show canceled. Now, “Chuck” has a very unique relationship with its fans, who helped save it from cancellation through the whole Subway campaign last spring, so it’s understandable that some viewers might feel more proprietary of the show than they would of some other series that they just watched but didn’t buy sandwiches for. Schwartz, Fedak and company could, indeed, be taking Chuck and Sarah, or the show in general, to a very bad place, but, “The most satisfying stories almost always involve one development that, when it happened, was not what fans would have voted for. Be respectful of other commenters.

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Second, please do not copy and paste this blog on your site. Please only write a short couple of sentences summary and then link to here. There is nothing that will actually get the shippers or crazy shippers going nuts because the Chuck and Sarah universe is perfect and baby bunnies are bouncing around in a field of paradise!

Chuck’s interest in finding a real relationship leads Chuck to “break up” his cover relationship with Sarah and pursue Lou the sandwich girl, which causes Sarah to become jealous and protective. Just after the “break up” Sarah passionately kisses Chuck seconds before a bomb is meant to explode.

As they carry a briefcase, they are chased by Colombian criminals. After Sarah grabs the briefcase, Bryce is held at gunpoint. Sarah agrees to hand over the briefcase, but then shoots the man in the head. In present day, continuing from the previous episode , Chuck Bartowski arrives at Sarah’s door wearing a white dinner jacket and carrying a bottle of wine and a single red rose. When she answers the door, however, she is not alone. She is with Bryce, Chuck’s old nemesis and her ex-boyfriend. Chuck walks home, throws the rose away, and is given a pep talk by Ellie Bartowski and Devon Woodcomb.

Bryce has learned that the English software engineer Von Hayes Steve Valentine has been hired to decrypt the data on the chip. That night, Bryce and Sarah will attend Von Hayes’ party and, much to Chuck’s chagrin, pose as a married couple. Chuck will pose as a waiter and waits to flash. The microchip is hidden in the mansion, and Bryce and Sarah will search for it. Chuck learns that they will accomplish this by being “very affectionate”. At the yogurt shop, Sarah tells Bryce that they should keep things strictly professional, Bryce cradles her hand.

Outside, Ellie happens to walks by and sees this, making her sad.

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EST , we asked fans to submit questions for co-creator and executive producer Chris Fedak, and they, of course, came through. On Twitter and in the comment area of our call for questions , “Chuck” fans had dozens of great queries; so many and so great, in fact, it was very hard to narrow the roster down to manageable size. So we didn’t narrow all that much and let Fedak decide what to answer. Lucky for “Chuck” fans, he was game enough to answer more than 30 fan questions. Below, find out why Jill didn’t come back, the one song that got away, where Jeff and Lester could be a few years from now and much more!

Take it away, Mr.

Mar 23,  · One day Sarah shows up at the Buy More, Chuck never having gotten over her is surprised and happy to see her! Brooke see’s Chuck and Sarah together and is heartbroken. Brooke loves Chuck but doesn.

Biography[ edit ] Very little information about Sarah’s past has been revealed throughout the series. The only people outside of her family confirmed to know her real name, revealed to be “Sam”, are Director Graham [2] now dead , Daniel Shaw , and Chuck. It is otherwise only known that she has confessed her middle name is Lisa. She attended at least her senior year of high school—and graduated in —under the alias of Jenny Burton.

One of their scams was the “Lichtenstein,” in which her father would masquerade as a struggling German inventor or businessman attempting to unload an invention or other valuable commodity that never actually existed. Sometime in before her high school graduation, Sarah’s father was arrested for his own protection after a scam went wrong and put his life in danger.

He left her a hidden cache of money for just such an emergency, and it was while recovering this cache that she was first approached by CIA Director Graham. He took her in as a protege after remarking on her many aliases and gave her the cover name of Sarah Walker.

Don’t Freak Out (A Chuck Fanfic/Extended Ending)

By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage. Even Lieutenant Paul Vance, head of the Connecticut State Troopers, admits that much information surrounding the crime is being withheld. But there also some issues that we need to keep the cards close to the chest. And what about the first responders? Why were they not allowed to enter the school until DAYS after the murders?

“Chuck Versus the Break-Up” is the third episode of the second season of Chuck. It originally aired on October 13, It originally aired on October 13, Chuck Bartowski is overcome with jealousy when his nemesis Bryce Larkin (Matthew Bomer), Sarah Walker ‘s ex-lover and partner, makes an unexpected return.

Uploaded this from iPod so it might seem different than my normal updates Sarah arrived in the dojo of the CIA’s facility the next morning. She was ready to practice with Chuck. She was in a singlet, short shorts and sneakers. Her hair was up in a pony tail and she had her drink bottle with her. She arrived to see Chuck, throwing kicks and punches at a punching bag.

He was wearing a plain blue t-shirt and track pants along with sneakers. He was warming up and already had a little bit of swear falling down his face. Chuck stops and brings the punching bag to a halt.

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Catch up with my recap here. A man gets into the back of a car and asks the driver, Jurek, if he has heard of the whereabouts of a key. Cut to Perugia, Italy. The same man kisses a beautiful woman passionately.

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Most fans are working through their heartbreak by repeating a mantra of patience and convincing themselves that Chuck and Sarah are meant to be together—and will be when the time is right. Some, however, are not as forgiving. This, of course, is a terrible idea—boycotting Chuck will only ensure its cancellation. We were reminded, however, of other instances in which TV shows suffered fan outrage after breaking up a relationship. Here are five shows whose character breakups inspired rage among fans devoted to keeping their OTP One True Pairing together—by any means necessary.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sinking Ship: But the real shock came when angry fans labeled their beloved Joss a homophobe. Although Willow and Tara had maintained a mostly happy relationship for two seasons, killing Tara and ending the ship was enough to get fans finger-pointing. Not really, of course.

Everything Has Changed (A Chuck Fanfic/Charah Story)

This story is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page. Scroll down if you still wish to read it. Belongs to Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak.

For awhile after, Chuck and Blair continue to hook up but keep it a secret. They eventually realize they need to stop, with Blair wanting to quarantine herself from sex with Chuck and Chuck wanting to have an excess amount of sex to not want to Met: Before Pilot.

February 28, at 9: And incidentally, you and others have really helped me to get to a much better place vis a vis the final part of the finale. Liz Well then, our work here is done! Just before telling Chuck to kiss her he had made an emotional, and pathetic last ditch appeal to Sarah. How could she not ask him to kiss her given these circumstanses, plus it was also a way to keep him from going on and on as he had a way of doing.

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this discussion. Mel Wow, what a depressing take on that scene! Wilf February 28, at 2: To be left with such ambiguity at the end of a dark, dark finale of a light-hearted, heart-warming series such as Chuck is pretty shocking. Mel February 28, at 2: But to see that beautiful moment of Sarah asking Chuck to kiss her as a way for her to shut up a pathetic yammerer? Mac February 28, at 2: Rob February 28, at 2: My feelings about the finale have really run the gamut in the last few weeks; my initial feeling post-finale was pain.

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Australia…is keeping us apart. Sarah, does he make you smile? That says it all girls. Awwwwwwwweeee [cut to Chuck grinning and then looking at Casey who is glaring at him] Crowe: You will never meet a guy like him. Take the risk Sarah.

Feb 09,  · “The main reaction I had to the romance subplots can be summed up thusly (and this is more or less what I said to my husband when the episode ended): “Hmm, the workplace-related reasons behind Sarah not dating Chuck are starting to seem increasingly flimsy, and Sarah sure went from not liking Shaw much to wanting to date him very quickly.

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Chuck Versus the Masquerade

Edit In School Lies , Vanessa films Dan for a documentary she’s making to enter in a contest, hoping to win some prize money. Once Dan and Vanessa arrive, they witness an accident in which a boy almost drowns. While everyone is hurrying to leave, Vanessa catches a shot of Chuck holding the pool key used for entry.

Nov 11,  · Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this so easily? You make it hard to smile because you make it hard to breathe. Why do you do this to .

Report Story The morning rises quickly in Burbank. The sun seems to pop up out of nowhere like a balloon that a child let go of too soon. Birds start chirping their harmonious melodies early, too early for some people, but just the right time for me. The birds wake me up every day and tell me to keep quiet. They tell me to listen. I listen because, in her sleep, Sarah remembers.

And when Sarah remembers, she inevitably mumbles. I hear whispers of the old Sarah and of adventures we’d been on, people we’d met, and places we’d visited. The first night she agreed to stay with me during the night, I couldn’t fall asleep. I could only stare at her, wondering how I had gotten so lucky so many times over. Her breathing was still the same, her eyelids still fluttered, and she always – without fail – flipped over three times. But what stood out to me, what was new, were the whispers.

Things she wasn’t able to remember while awake came bubbling to the surface while she was asleep. Certain things even I had forgotten about, she remembered when she slept.