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While every attempt has been made to make this list comprehensive, some makes and models have been omitted. In most cases this is because SHINKO does not offer any appropriate tyres for a particular motorcycle, or the manufacturer does not offer the motorcycle for sale in Australia. By using the tyre fitment guide, you acknowledge and accept that SHINKO is not responsible for any error or omission, nor for any damage or injury resulting from the choice of a recommended tyre. Moreover, you fully release SHINKO from any liability whatsoever in relation to, or as a consequence of, possible damages resulting from the fitting of tyres not recommended in this guide. SHINKO recommends the tyre pressure specified by the motorcycle manufacturer, except where otherwise stated. When tyres with speed ratings lower than those supplied to the customer as original equipment are fitted, the speed capability of the vehicle is limited to the maximum speed rating of the replacement tyres. How to use our fitment guide 1 Choose your make of bike 2 Choose your model of bike 3 Choose the year of manufacture 4.

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Features include soft compound for rapid warmup gives racing-slick-like performance, W speed rated mph , aramid belted, DOT approved, available in Ultra-Soft compound — great for drag racing and track use. A number of riders use these on the drag strip. Some reviewers feel the dry traction is better than the wet traction. Reviews by Source www. On a Hayabusa — very durable tire and cost is reasonable. On a ZX10R — used the tire for drag and corners, works without fail.

【取寄】 トリプルツリー キット, クローム XL UP R Forty-Eight Model CNC Racing CNCレーシング ガード・スライダー エンジンガード [ACCOMAC] カラー:ブラック.

I started with the 8 LED kit and have since added 2 more, with the remote control. The Kury kit allows for 7 colors with the push of a button, as well as stobe and a fade also, both of which have speed controls from the remote as well. The installation was very easy and works perfectly. I still want to add a few more lights for the rear wheel area , and with their system you can string 16 lights on one controller.

Now for the tire.. We had a rep for a tire company in our dealer a few weeks ago and my parts manager knew that I wanted to add the tire, so he got me the hook up on a new Shinko He really was talking up the damn thing and after about miles I can see why.. I tend to drag my frame due to the PCS lowering kit I have on it.

Shinko Stealth Motorcycle Tire/Tyre Reviews

Due to the soft compound of this tire, it is not for use on dynamometers. Page for orders shipping outside the us. No more traction issues thanks spencercycle shipping was fast as well will definitely order from you again.

】 SHINKO シンコー オンロード・サーキット向け RA HOOK UP For Drag 【/50ZR17 73W TL】 フックアップ フォー ドラッグ タイヤ リア用br /サイズ:/50ZR17 73W

Thu Dec 06, 2: Just figured i let you guys all know out there, being I did a lot of research on these forums before ordering them and everyone was saying they fit. It would be nice if there was something a little smaller in width but i have had any luck finding anything. We had a pair of X wheels left over from my X to R conversion yes we started with one of each and managed to convert each to the other I didn’t have much time to get this completed so not much research was performed – I did read through a lot of the “X with knobbies” threads here.

I brought them home and performed the tire swap, it was evident right away at least to me that the mounted tires do not look as wide to me as so many of the photos I’ve seen here of X wheels with knobs. This has turned out to be a good thing – no rub on the fork protectors or brake line and no issues under compression. The IRC’s hook up well and have no issues with lower psi down into the mid teens. They’re by no means skinny, just not as wide as what folks here seem to be using.

My wife rides to work about half of the time and she’s quite happy with them on tarmac as well. I think I just got lucky but the IRC’s seem to be a good match. My two cents – hope it helps. Need to go from X to R Thu Jul 25,


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Portable, lightweight and powerful. All the luminous power in the palm of the hand 1. BonTracker One Ultra Spot rechargable: Reach until meters. This model was improved with an Lithium internal battery with a capacity of minutes continuous. This model must be connected to 12Vdc source 1. Lantern rechargeable with meters reach, strobe light and work light. LED Tripod with the new system battery-cartriages for until 11 hours work.

Select Flood or Spot beam in a second. Lighting movil system with internal Lithium battery.

Shinko Automotive Tires

Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help. We pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction. We can get CASH in your hands within a few hours or days of you contacting us. We can close super fast! Testimonials Martin and The Trusted Homebuyer helped me through the transition of this move quite smoothly.

Feb 17,  · Yokahoma was a major and respected Japanese maker of motorcycle tires and sold their motorcycle division to Shinko in the 90’s including molds, designs, and engineers. Yokohoma is still a major producer of auto and truck tires.

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Shinko Hook

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Shinko Hook Up Drag Radial Rear Tires The Shinko Hook-Up Drag Radial is the ultimate DOT drag tire! The Hook Up radial rear drag tire features a lightweight Aramid belted carcass, with the softest compound available from Shinko.

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シンコータイヤ RA HOOK UP For Drag /50ZR17 円 Photogenic フォトジェニック ST/BK べっ甲柄ピックガードを採用したストラトタイプのモデル マルチエフェクターも入ってる!.

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Shinko Hook-Up Drag Race Radial Tires