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It originally was an abbreviation for “Public Address,” like the announcement speakers in the airport or at a baseball stadium—not exactly the sound quality you want for your music. From portable setups to arena-sized concert systems, the technology of sound reinforcement has evolved in a major way over the years. Today’s cabinets are lighter, louder, and better-sounding than ever. New materials and computer-aided design have revolutionized how sound is delivered at all budget levels. Today, when considering new cabinets, one of the major questions is whether to go with active or passive cabinets. Passive cabinets are what were traditionally thought of as PA cabinets—speakers in a box. A passive cabinet needs at least one external power amp, more if you want a bi-amplified system, with an external electronic crossover and separate power amps for the low- and high-frequency program material. Passive systems require a little more setup time and care, and require carting more gear, but compensate by being just a little more flexible, especially when something fails, since you can just move it to a different power amp or swap out a speaker fairly quickly and get back to the show. Active cabinets have power amps and electronic crossovers built into the cabinet, so you can hook directly from the outputs of your mixing board to the input of the speaker. They can also be daisy-chained, so it’s easy to expand your system to whatever size you need for a particular venue.

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I would suggest you to check the following settings. Check the connection to the wall outlet. Most speakers and subwoofers have a light showing there is power when they are turned on. Check to see if your subwoofer has a fuse, and if it does check the fuse to make sure it is ok. One or two of the speakers do not work 1. Check to make sure they are getting power 2.

Introduction: Altec Lansing ADA User’s Guide System Overview. The ADA is a THX Certified, high power multimedia speaker system designed specifically for superior audio performance and seamless integration to your computer system.

Altec Lansing XA speaker system Review date: Loudspeakers, generally, have rectangular boxes. Loudspeakers are normally rectangular mainly because rectangular boxes are easy to make. Loudspeaker manufacturers also need flat surfaces to mount the actual speaker drivers and other components on, and rectangular boxes can be sized so that their three dimensions aren’t exact multiples of each other, which reduces resonance problems. But, basically, the boxes are rectangular because that’s easier, and thus cheaper, to make.

The above-pictured funny-looking speakers are Altec Lansing ‘s XA “2. All three speaker enclosures in the system are basically cylindrical, with flat panels only where the drivers mount. They manage to be this shape because they’re made of moulded plastic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for little speakers. And they look, frankly, hilarious. In a good way. The satellites look like Shure series microphones read all about those in PDF format here ; this styling note has previously been seen in certain vapourware 1.

The subwoofer, in contrast, looks not unlike an explosive device made by the craftsmen of Acme Corporation, ready for use by a luckless consumer. Since the speakers are somewhat black-and-green and the box they come in is very black-and-green, Altec Lansing are clearly targeting the Xbox market with the XA

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Share on Facebook Bose Wave radios are designed to be stand-alone stereos that deliver superior sound for a compact audio component. The built-in amplifier is designed to power the pair of stereo speakers inside the Bose Wave, so connecting additional speakers requires an external power source to drive them. The easiest way to do this is with a pair of self-powered speakers, such as the kind designed for use with computer systems. Desktop speakers won’t make power demands on the Bose and will, instead, enhance the radio’s sound quality.

The speakers connect easily to any computer — just plug them into a USB port and you’re ready to go. Thanks to Altec Lansing’s Audio Alignment technology, the system’s drivers, enclosure, and electronics are perfectly balanced, giving you the full, high-quality stereo sound your digital life demands.4/4.

When I started out with my band it was the A7’s. The first large show that I ever did as an amateur used four A7’s per side. I used our two, two from a stereo store in town, and four that I rented from my future employer. I also rented some horns and did my first biamped pa. I was kind of scared when I hooked it all up, because if anything blew I was on the hook.

I’m happy to say it all worked out well. When I returned the rented gear the next morning I was offered a job as a sound engineer. As it turned out I was graduating from college the following day and started working at Sound West the day after that. I never dreamed I could make a living doing pro sound until they offered me that job. In fact, I had no idea what in the world I would have done after graduating.

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These premium speakers sport some premium features, and a premium price. Are they worth the extra cash? Listen up, and read on for the full scoop. Apparently, the system uses 3 amplifier to power each of the 12 speakers and the subwoofer.

How do you hook up altec lansing speakers to the computer You have to set your speakers first.\\Connect the cables between them, connect the subwoofer(if any)Connect the speakers to the power.\\Then conect the cable with the end green (pin male connector) to green hole in the.

Then came the most unusual reason I’ve heard to date; He replied that Altec Lansing sounded as if they were made in China and bought the Cambridge instead! I didn’t know that some people had such different opinions about Altec Lansing, which is one of the leading brands for PC speakers just like how Diamond is for the video-card business. They have large partners such as Dell where they sell large quantities of OEM speaker-sets and even make a few tailored models for them.

I’m sure that most of you at some point of time have come across Altec Lansing speakers in action. Some of us may argue that the Midiland Diamond , Cambridge or Boss offerings are better. To say the truth, it all depends on the listener and I would put them all in the same league as they all sound terrific but have their own ups and downs.

They are all affordably priced and provide good sound-output to typical PC users. Here’s a newcomer in that category:

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Introduction We have been designing, building, and selling DIY speakers–using full-range drivers–for more than 20 years now. We are one of the largest manufacturers of these types of speakers anywhere in the world. For the first time, it’s possible for you to buy directly from a manufacturer. In this way, you get the most value for your money AND the best sound possible.

How do i hook up two altec lansing speakers and Depending on the sound card installed in your system, integrated into the motherboard or not, you may need a “Y” splitter adapter. Typically, the subwoofer has a black plug while the regular speakers have a green plug.

Had a Dell Dimension hooked up to some Altec Lancing speakers. This Site Might Help You. Connecting Speaker System to Laptop. This Altec Lansing speaker Please carefully read this User Guide for instructions on setting up and using your inMotion Max speaker 1 Connect the speaker. Bluetooth technology allows users to connect different devices to their speakers wirelessly when the device and speaker Setting Up Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speakers.

The speakers from their stands by gently pulling the speaker up.

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Powered by USB connection or wall socket; look fabulous; durable design; very portable; clean sound; subwoofer-out port; built-in USB microphone. Not much audio punch, even on wall-socket power; volume drops substantially on USB power; big price tag; subwoofer should have come standard with the package rather than selling as an add-on. They look great, they sound good, but they’ll have a much bigger impact on your wallet than your ears.

I’ve long been a fan of Altec Lansing’s computer speakers, and the XT2 is the first set of portable speakers I’ve tried from the company.

Jan 02,  · Hook the tv up to line 1 and the computer up to line 2, then hook the stereo receiver output to the input of your subwoofer. Then shift the receiver from line 1 to line 2 (as easy as pressing a button on the front of the receiver) to hear either one through your speakers.

It was working and in transitioning it from my office to my home it stopped. The light would come on, but no sound. I checked the green hook-up wire that connected the source computer or iPod with the Altec speakers with an ohm meter. The cord was ok, having continuity were it should. The problem must be in the speakers themselves. I messed around with it. But that was only intermittant and even when the speakers did sound, I couldn’t control the volume every time etc.

Then I read on the web that because that Red plug in is so large and sticks out so far that over time the connection becomes bad inside the unit and the solder connections come loose on the mother board where the connector’s socket attaches. I opened it up. I had to disconnect carefully a couple of connectors from the circuit board to the speaker box.

I checked a number of other soldering points inside and touched them up for good measure. I put it all together and it works! The treble and bass controls work.

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Altec Lansing Select multimedia speaker system Review date: The Quest for Bass is, generally, a futile one, if you’re shopping for computer speakers. Computer speaker systems without subwoofers aren’t in the race at all; computer speaker systems with subwoofers almost always don’t have a big enough one. Sorry, but you just can’t get deep bass out of a “subwoofer” the size of three stacked tissue boxes. You can physically fit a quite serious bass driver in a very small box, but that doesn’t do you any good.

If such a box is sealed an ” acoustic suspension ” enclosure , it’ll contain so little air that the bass driver can’t move far without the pressure change in the box greatly restricting further movement.

Solved how to connect altec lansing fx to my samsung uhd 55″ smart tv bluray sound only tv speakers Forum; Solved how to hook up an old harman kardon pm amplifier and tuner to new.

Four specially engineered full-range neodymium micro drivers with aluminum cones smoothly deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound with unprecedented signal accuracy. To manage even this small amount of wiring the USB cord is made retractable, no need to wrap the cord around the speakers when carrying it around. The stands and speaker connecting cord is easily stowed in the provided carrying case.

On the back of the main speaker is a jack that you plug the cord into that then runs into the USB port on your notebook. To actually carry these lightweight speakers Altec provides a high-quality durable carrying case. Since the speakers are thin the carrying case is also relatively thin, and certainly very easy to slide into a backpack or suitcase when hitting the road.

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